• May 13, 2019

Capitol Update: May 9th

Capitol Update: May 9th

Capitol Update: May 9th 150 150 Dr. Tom Oliverson

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading. As always, you may contact my office with your views via phone (512-463-0661) or mail (P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768). Here is what we have been up to these past two weeks in Austin.

Passing Property Tax Reform
Last week, the Texas House passed the Texas Taxpayer Transparency Act, which provides much needed transparency in the property tax system. Property owners deserve every opportunity to weigh in on how their taxes are being raised & spent. This bill will do just that. I am proud to have co-authored the bill to bring lasting and meaningful property tax reform to Texans.

On the floor of the Texas House with Governor Greg Abbott, shortly after the passage of the Texas Taxpayer Transparency Act.

Pharmacy Benefits for Medically Fragile Children
I laid out House Bill 3685 which puts safeguards and protections in place to ensure continued access to medications for medically fragile children. These little Texans and their families need our help. They should not be denied access to the medications they need and to the medications that the State of Texas says they have access to through the Medicaid formulary. Because of unnecessary and unethical pre-authorizations, “fail first” measures, and other PBM delay tactics, children’s health and safety is at risk. This is unacceptable, and I am proud to have authored legislation to help change it.

Protecting Patients of Freestanding ERs
I passed House Bill 2041 out of the Texas House to create a new standard for freestanding ERs to clearly disclose information related to insurance coverage. This bill seeks to protect patients from unexpected medical bills help prevent high emergency care costs for Texans. Onto the Senate!

Speaking on House Bill 2041 in front of the members of the Texas House.

Project Recovery Funding Applications
Project Recovery serves residents living within Harris County but outside Houston City Limits. They offer several programs to provide funding assistance to those affected by Harvey, 2015 and 2016 floods. To apply or learn more, go to www.harrisrecovery.org. Contact 832-927-4961 or e-mail RebuildHarris@csd.hctx.net with questions.

Hurricane Harvey Registry
The Hurricane Harvey Registry is an optional survey for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in any capacity or even those not affected. It just released its initial report that revealed the extent of Harvey’s impact on housing, debris, and physical and mental health. The report largely focuses on data collected in Harris County and seeks to provide ideas on the best ways to connect those who register with long-term recovery resources. To take the survey or read the initial report, go to https://harveyregistry.rice.edu/.


Dr. Tom Oliverson

Republican State Representative
House District 130

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