• May 30, 2019

Capitol Update: Last Week of Session

Capitol Update: Last Week of Session

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Thank you for reading. As always, you may contact my office with your views via phone (512-463-0661) or mail (P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768). Here is what we have been up to these past two weeks in Austin.

Ending Surprise Medical Bills for Texans
On Tuesday, the Texas House passed SB 1264 which will prevent Texas patients with state-regulated health plans from receiving surprise medical bills. I am proud to have sponsored this bill in the House to protect patients from unexpected out-of-pocket healthcare costs. This legislation will direct medical providers and health plans to enter arbitration for payment negotiations and prohibit them from sending surprise medical bills to consumers. This landmark bill is an issue that I am passionate about, and I am looking forward to see it through the rest of the legislative process.

With Senator Hancock and Chairmen Lucio and Martinez Fischer after the passage of SB 1264.

Passing Site Development Reform
Earlier this week, the Texas Senate passed HB 3167, which I authored, to streamline the process through which cities and counties must review development applications. It cuts back on burdensome processes to allow potential housing projects to be reviewed more efficiently. By expediting this process and removing delays, this bill will save homeowners money on their property.

Honoring Safe2Save on the Floor
I honored Marci Corry, founder and CEO of SAFE 2 SAVE, and Natalie Cruz, her account manager, on the floor of the Texas House. As head of this company, Marci has worked tirelessly to help prevent distracted driving through an app you can install on your phone. SAFE 2 SAVE offers rewards for safe driving through a point system. The rewards, such as discounts at local restaurants, are based on the amount of points accumulated. I am grateful to Marci and the company she has built for taking up this issue and making our Texas streets safer. Learn more at their website: safe2save.org.

Promoting SAFE 2 SAVE with Marci and Natalie.

Helping High School Students Succeed
The Texas Senate passed my bill, HB 277, which requires online applications for Texas colleges and universities to include information that will help students succeed after college. The purpose is to help students identify degree plans that will lead them to gainful employment. I hope this legislation helps Texas students succeed in college and beyond.


Dr. Tom Oliverson
Republican State Representative
House District 130

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