• October 21, 2022

Press Release

Press Release

Press Release 150 150 Dr. Tom Oliverson

Texas Legislative Physician Delegation Requests
the FDA Issue EUA for Home-Use Influenza Tests

Austin — Texas State Representative Tom Oliverson, M.D., together with Representative Greg
Bonnen, M.D., and Senators Dawn Buckingham, M.D., Donna Campbell, M.D., Charles
Schwertner, M.D. today urged the Federal Drug Administration to issue an emergency use
authorization allowing for Americans to utilize home-use influenza tests. While there are
currently point-of-care flu tests available on the market, most cannot be used at home by
individuals who suspect they may have contracted the virus.

“The upcoming flu season is predicted to be severe, and we believe that lowering the regulatory
barriers for home use tests could help slow the spread of the virus”; said Representative

To authorize the use of at-home tests, the Food and Drug Administration requires proof that an
ordinary person with no medical training can both collect their own sample and run that sample
at themself. Americans have learned, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to administer home
use tests with great success.

“The public has learned how to successfully administer at-home tests during the COVID-19
pandemic, but more importantly, we have learned that a positive test result means we should stay
at home and quarantine to slow the spread of infectious illnesses,” said Representative Oliverson. “We believe it would be prudent to capitalize on these learned behaviors and authorize the use of
home tests for influenza. This is especially true given the myriad of benefits associated with the
early detection of the flu virus.”

Early detection helps to slow the spread of the virus, but it also increases the likelihood that
infected persons are able to take Tamiflu or similar drugs early enough in the course of their
illness to render those drugs efficacious. For persons who are at high risk, a treatment like
Tamiflu can make the difference between minor illness or hospitalization.

“We are thankful for the work the Food and Drug Administration did in eliminating barriers for
access to at home COVID-19 tests through its emergency use authorization and encourage the
agency to take similar action for influenza,” said Representative Oliverson. “We strongly believe
that taking similar action for influenza will capitalize on learned behaviors of at-home testing,
quarantine, and early treatment—all of which will be helpful in mitigating this coming flu

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